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What agencies can use CLAO Aberdeen services?

Our services are potentially available to any third sector advice or support agency located in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire involved in assisting the public on any of a wide range of matters, where civil legal issues arise and/or the client may need advice and representation from a solicitor. The nature and level of assistance we can give depends on the agency and the subject matter arising.

We work with a wide range of agencies, but before we start to provide any assistance we do require to establish with an agency what, if any, level and forms of assistance we can provide. That assistance will differ from one agency to another. Once that is established through your agency/service manager, we can then assist in accordance with that arrangement on an on-going basis. Your agency/service manager will be able to let you know whether your agency has arrangements with us. If your agency does not have an arrangement with CLAO Aberdeen your service manager should contact us as we can link your agency up to our services through one phone call. We currently work with:

  • Aberdeen Council of Voluntary Organisations
  • Aberdeen Student Law Project
  • Ethnic Minority Law Centre (E.M.L.C)
  • Families Information Service
  • GREC
  • Grampian Woman’s Aid
  • Victim Support
  • Aberdeen Advocacy
  • Barnardos
  • Bethany Christian Trust
  • Cash In Your Pocket
  • Polish Association
  • Lighthouse Support Centre
  • Salvation Army
  • Welfare Rights/Debt Counselling
  • Kinship Care
  • Action for Children
  • VSA
  • Area Citizens Advice Bureaux
  • Citizens Advice Scotland
  • Cyrenians
  • Gordon Rural Action
  • Shelter


What services can CLAO Aberdeen provide?

ADVICE ON LEGAL ISSUES - we call this “second tier advice”

CLAO Aberdeen solicitors give advisors information and guidance on legal issues and on-going support so that the advisor can resolve the matter themselves without the client needing a solicitor . (Please note that this service is only available to certain agency/advice providers. To ascertain whether your agency can access this particular service then please contact CLAO Aberdeen).


CLAO Aberdeen solicitors provide information and analysis of relevant legal issues, important developments in relevant areas of law and answers to ‘frequently asked questions’. (Please note that this service is only available to certain agency/advice providers. To ascertain whether your agency can access this particular service then please contact CLAO Aberdeen).


CLAO will make referrals to local firms of solicitors on your client’s behalf to attempt to place their case with a local firm of legal aid solicitors.


Where a local legal aid solicitor cannot take the case or the case is extremely urgent ( i.e with an imminent court/eviction date), a CLAO Aberdeen solicitor will determine whether they can directly case work the matter.

We can help with a wide range of civil legal issues but we focus on mortgage repossessions, debt, tenancy evictions, homelessness and housing problems, employment and money problems, and we have considerable experience dealing with clients with vulnerabilities or support needs.

We work with clients alongside money and benefits advisors and support workers to ensure the client has the best combination of advice and support to resolve the matter.


CLAO Aberdeen solicitors provide training on legal issues that is tailored to non-legally qualified advisors and representatives and enables them to deal with legal issues that arise in their own cases. Advisors can contact CLAO Aberdeen at any stage. Wherever possible, however, advisers should contact as soon as an issue arises. The earlier contact is made, the more likely it is that we can successfully intervene or assist to help the client. In some rare cases, the client contacts too late and there may simply not be time for the necessary legal work to be done before the legal deadline. Even here, however, advisors are encouraged to contact CLAO Aberdeen for advice and confirmation that there are no further steps that may be taken.

How do I contact CLAO Aberdeen?

See Contact Us

Office/phone hours: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. The phone will not be answered outwith office hours. An answering machine will take messages and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. If the matter is urgent then please confirm this at the outset so that work can be prioritised accordingly.

What legal issues can CLAO Aberdeen help with?

You can contact us about any Scottish civil legal matter as long as long your client lives in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to deal with all enquiries and there are areas of law beyond our knowledge and experience, but we should be able to help with most issues especially under the general heading of social welfare law topics.

If the matter is outwith our expertise we will use CLAO resources to provide guidance and/or direct you to an expert local lawyer who may be able to assist.

If you want us to find a solicitor for the client then the client must be eligible for legal aid.

How do I work out if my client is eligible for legal aid?

Bear in mind that in most cases, most clients will be eligible for some form of legal aid.

Please see Are You Eligible? for more information. To discuss things in more detail, you can Contact Us, or the Scottish Legal Aid Board on 0131 226 7061.

We recommend that advisors should always ask CLAO Aberdeen or SLAB to assess whether clients are eligible for legal aid.

What information do I have to provide when I call to refer a case?

Advisors must be able to provide the following information. All data is held by us in accordance with the legal requirements. We are not able to provide assistance on an anonymous basis.

  • Adviser’s name and contact details and availability
  • Adviser’s consent to us holding adviser information
  • Identify if it is an urgent matter
  • All court dates/deadlines in relation to the legal issue

 For an enquiry where the client is or may be referred to us, in addtion we also require:

  • The client’s name and contact details
  • You to confirm you hold client’s consent to us holding client information (until such time as we or another service provider gets that consent direct)

It is helpful if you can also provide details of client’s household income and financial position but this is not essential as we will look to speak directly to your client.

Urgent advice

Where an adviser considers that advice is genuinely required as a matter of urgency, it is important that our administration staff and legal team are aware of the position when the advisor first contacts us. In most cases, a CLAO Aberdeen solicitor will then take the call or if that is not feasible, contact the adviser by telephone as soon as is practical to enable a detailed discussion of the issues and fix the appropriate timescale for a response. If we cannot take the call immediately, we need full contact details, and preferably more than one option, left with any message, as if we are unable to return a call for any reason, then the query cannot be processed as urgent.

Urgent requests and the work arising from them can only be dealt with within office hours as detailed above. There may be occasions when calls received after 4pm, even if urgent, may not be attended to by a solicitor until the following working day. Advisers also are asked to note that CLAO Aberdeen can only take on urgent work where the service has capacity to do so.

Advisors should note that we do not have a drop-in facility even for urgent issues. A client who is to be referred to us, even as a matter of urgency, should not be directed to attend our office unless it is to an appointment which has already been scheduled. The best route is always to telephone or email us first.

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