Are you Eligible

If you have a civil legal problem which you need help with and you meet the following tests, why not let us try to help you:

  • Do you reside in one of the CLAO service areas? — click on the map on the home page or Our Offices
  • Are you eligible for legal aid? — see links below

Legal aid is the method by which people in Scotland can get publicly funded help to obtain legal services either from solicitors in private practice who do legal aid work, or from solicitors employed by the Scottish Legal Aid Board. For civil and children’s matters there are several different forms of legal aid available in Scotland.

Types of Legal Aid

Advice and Assistance is a form of legal aid which covers general legal work but does not include legal services in court. To check eligibility click here

Civil Legal Aid is the form of legal aid which is potentially available to help people with civil court cases in Scotland. To check eligibility click here

Children’s Advice & Assistance and Children’s Legal Aid are available for a variety of legal work and legal proceedings involving children’s hearings and compulsory measures of care for children. To check eligibility click here